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Concurso LOGO Capital Mundial de la Arquitectura


La Capital Mundial de la Arquitectura es un nuevo programa trienal lanzado por la UNESCO y la UIA, por el cual las dos organizaciones designarán a las ciudades anfitrionas del Congreso Mundial de Arquitectos de la UIA como Capital Mundial de la Arquitectura por un período de 1 año. La ciudad designada como Capital Mundial de la Arquitectura se convertirá en un foro global para discutir los desafíos apremiantes que enfrenta nuestro mundo, a través de los prismas de la cultura, el patrimonio, la planificación urbana y la arquitectura. La UNESCO, la UIA y las instituciones locales organizarán actividades y eventos para promover proyectos que involucren no solo a arquitectos y planificadores urbanos, sino a profesionales de todos los demás sectores relacionados, incluidos artistas, escritores, responsables políticos e instituciones sociales. El objetivo primordial de la iniciativa Capital mundial de la arquitectura es que las ciudades designadas se diseñen como espacios abiertos y creativos para discutir, intercambiar y buscar soluciones al dilema urbano. 
Bases (inglés)

First World Capital – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2020 will be the first city designated by UNESCO and the UIA as World Capital of Architecture, but logotypes should not be specific to Rio de Janeiro. The logotype should be universal and suitable for prolonged and repeated use (every three years), relevant to any city nominated World Capital of Architecture. The World Capital of Architecture logo will be used alongside the logo of the city council, the UIA and UNESCO for the purpose of promoting the programme.

Eligibility to compete – This competition is open to anyone. Submissions can be made as an individual or as a team.

Candidate information – Designers must must provide their contact information. If you are submitting as a team, please designate a team leader (who will be our main contact point), and be sure to provide the names of all other team members in the space provided.

Design criteria

Designs must be bold, clear, legible from a distance (for example, when used on banners and posters).
Designs must be adaptable to a variety of formats, media and sizes.
Designs should include the phrase "UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture" in English and should convey the programme’s theme and content.
Designs must be compatible with additional logotypes, equivalent in size to the UIA logotype.
The working language is English


Candidates must submit logotype designs in A4 format (210mm × 297mm or 8.3” × 11.7”).
Designs must be 300dpi and maximum 10MB in size.
Accepted file types: pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, ai, eps
Designs may use any colour or combination of colours, but must reflect careful consideration of legibility—especially from a distance—and ease of reproduction.
Designers are required include a statement of maximum 100 words to explain how the submitted design interprets the World Capital of Architecture. Please use the designated field.
Designers must provide proof of authorization to use any graphic or artistic elements that are not their own work.
Candidates may include up to 3 variations on their logo design (optional).
Candidates may include a supporting document for their design, e.g. a style guide/design brief etc (optional)


Assessment – The assessment will be made by a prestigious international jury of graphic designers. Jurors will select the winning entry based upon clarity and power of messaging, ability to attract attention, overall artistic merit, and ease of use and reproduction. The UIA may ask the winner(s) to adjust the winning design prior to diffusion.


First prize – The author(s) of the winning submission will receive a single payment of 3.000 EUR (three thousand Euros).
Second Prize – Second place will receive 1.500 EUR (one thousand five hundred Euros).

In the case of team submissions, prizes will be divided equally among all team members. The Jury may select additional runners-up, who will not receive a cash prize.

Original work – All elements of the logotype design must be original work. Candidates must have explicit authorisation to use any artwork that is not original, and must furnish proof of such authorization. The candidate affirms that he or she is the sole author of the submitted work (or in the case of a team submission, that the team is its sole author) and that he or she has full and exclusive rights to grant the UIA the authority to use the work.

Rights – Upon submission, the author grants the UIA and its Member Sections the unrestricted worldwide rights to use and reproduce the material provided, which shall become the exclusive property of the UIA. The author is exempt from all compensation or royalties beyond the total prize money awarded. The UIA retains the right to translate and publish the logo in one or more additional languages. The UIA will use the winning design globally to promote the World Capital of Architecture programme accross various media channels, trade press, social media, events and publications.

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