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En el siguiente enlace se muestra un listado de revistas, de temática relacionada con la arquitectura, indexadas en distintas bases de datos. Ha sido elaborado por la PLATAFORMA DE AYUDA A LA INVESTIGACIÓN PLAY-IN, en el año 2013.





Arquitectura y Construcción y ARCOS Arquitectura y Construcción Sostenibles.

An online architecture 'zine published by Alethea Cheng.

Japanese architectural and planning review covering world architecture.

A + T.
Revista de arquitectura

Aardvark is a guidebook documenting the contemporary architecture of Melbourne, Australia and surrounding regions. Information includes images, a brief descriptive text from the architect and project details including cost and location. The information in Aardvark is organized both by architect (alphabetical indexing) and by location (clickable image maps).

Revista de arquitectura y diseño

Architecture section of an online magazine dealing with South African art and culture.

Im Magazin stehen Artikel zu verschiedenen Themen. Die Texte stammen aus dem INTERNET, aus Zeitschriften; sie sind zum Teil selber geschrieben oder stammen von Freunden und Bekannten.

Italia, rivista digitale di architettura. Interamente dedicato a chi pensa e fa architetture. Progettisti, costruttori, studenti e chiunque sia coinvolto nel mondo del costruire.

The e-world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's debilitating footnotes and critical trivias.

Discourse on architecture of the Far East: news and polemics on buildings, urbanism, infrastructure, landscape, culture, business, real estate developments in Asia and other emerging markets.

Archibot scours the net for daily architecture news headlines (with the focus on design) and maintains parallel message boards for discussion.

French architecture webzine. News, mailing-list, links, polémics, interviews, library.

The architecture site of the Netherlands: news, online exhibitions, events-calender, abstracts of current issues of the leading dutch architectural magazines and hundreds of links of architectural firms and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Das erste Deutsche Architektur-online-magazin.

Archis is a monthly on architecture, urbanism, and visual arts. English, Dutch.

Internet business magazine for architecture practices. Pre-registration (free) required.

Links to over 100 architecture eZines.

Architectural Forum
This forum exists to provide a means of promoting aesthetic and architectural discussion.

target=""Architectural Record
The official magazine of the American Institute of Architects.

Architectural Review
Online version of the respected UK architecture publication.

Architecture Australia
The official national magazine of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Published bi-monthly, it reviews the latest in Australian architecture and covers important issues relating to the profession.

l'architecture d'aujourd'hui
l'architecture d'aujourd'hui, founded in 1930, is a leading international architecture magazine.

Architecture Magazine

New magazine of design and building.

Mensile del Consiglio Nazionale Architetti in Italia. Ilsito del network degli 80.000 architetti italiani raccoglie le informazioni relative alle 100 sedi provinciali.

L'Architettura Cronaca e Storia
Unconventional Italian architecture magazine founded by Bruno Zevi.

Architronic - Kent State University
Architronic is a scholarly refereed journal, exploring the new ranges of architectural communication available through digital media. It is a platform for both presenting and reviewing research as a journal, and a forum for stimulating dialogue on emerging ideas.

ArcoWeb / ProjetoDesign Magazine
Brazilian architecture Web portal and e-zine.

News, reviews, photos and articles about architects, exhibitions,and more.

Area is an intenational magazine specializes in architectural design, interior design, art and photography.

Area - Plats för landskap och arkitektur
A Swedish e-zzne for planning and architecture in a landscape perspective. Supported by LAR (Swedish Association for Landscape Architects).

Arid Lands Newsletter - University of Arizona
Published by the Office of Arid Land Studies at the University of Arizona.

Arkhitekturny Vestnik
Russian periodical covering development of national and foreign architecture, town planning, and design. Online version in English and Russian.

Arkitektur Veraekni og Skipulag
A quarterly journal from Iceland covering architecture, technology, planning and the environment.

Arkitex Online
Architex Online deals with topics of concern to those interested in environmental design.

Revista de arquitectura

Arquitectura Viva
Revista de arquitectura

Este site tem como proposta trazer uma visão da arquitetura e da construção no Brasil e Mercosul

Online architecture magazine from Portugal.

Artes On Line
Revista sobre arquitetura, artes, cultura e noticias.

Australian Building News Online

AZ5 - Architekturzeichensaal 5
Online architecture zine featuring studio projects from the students at Technischen Universität Graz

AV Monografías y Arquitectura Viva
Revista de arquitectura

Schriftenreihe fuer Architektur, Staedtebau, Grafik Design und Kunst

An up-to-date and totally chaotic collection of press snippets and breaking news about world architecture.

Berliner Bauzeitung
Der Grundgedanke dieses Online-Informationsangebots ist es, eine Ergänzung zu den gedruckten Informationen der alle zwei Monate erscheinenden Berliner Bauzeitung, der regionalen Fachzeitschrift für Architekten und Ingenieure - und solche, die es in Studium und Praxis noch werden wollen - bereitzustellen.

Bineal de Arquitectura Española - Spanish Architecture Biennial

Boletín URBE
Boletín mensual de la Carrera de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Concepción Chile, trata temas de arquitectura y urbanismo de carácter regional y latinoamericano, los cuales son desarrollados en artículos escritos por docentes y alumnos de la carrera.

Brochard Li Hebdo
Site web du journal d'information satirique des étudiants de l'école d'architecture de Versailles, France.

Cadence Magazine
Cadence Magazine is a publication for AutoCAD users. This site also includes CAD tutorials, image files and an exhibit area.

Casa'emmerda - The Journal for Useless Architecture

The City Review
'Zine about New York City affairs and the arts with strong emphasis on architecture, planning, zoning, books and the arts.

Revista de arquitectura

Interesting, creatively designed site, featuring architecture works, photography, design and other related works.

Cooperative Preservation of Architectural Records Newsletter

Core - Iowa State
Student journal of architecture at Iowa State University.

Critiques d'Espaces
Webzine d'architecture

Critiques d'Espaces
Architecture e-zine from France.

Current Architecture
A publication of current architectural projects by Alberta, Canada architects.

d:c virtual real estate
dc supports architects, engineers, developers, artists and other people relying on communication and evaluation of their designs from the earliest planning stages through to completion.

Daidalos architektur kunst kultur / architecture art culture
Daidalos was founded in 1981 and is a bilingual quarterly, which emphasizes architecture and the visual arts in thematically-organized anthologies of historical, critical, and literary articles. Recent contributors include: Rudolf Arnheim, Gernot Böhme, Ben van Berkel, Beatriz Colomina, Diller & Scofidio, Kenneth Frampton, Oleg Grabar, Steven Holl, Donald Judd, Bart Lootsma, Alessandra Ponte, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Lynch, Paolo Marconi, Georges Teyssot, Werner Oechslin, Bernard Tschumi, Paul Virilio and many more.

db - deutsche bauzeitung
Die db bietet zusaetzlich zum Heft auf ihrer Homepage Informationen zu Architektur und Stadtplanung aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum: die Heftvorschau, Kurznachrichten, Leserforen, einen Veranstaltungskalender, eine Stellenbörse und verschiedene andere Rubriken.

Dead Architects' Sports Reports
A satirical swipe at architects and architecture featuring tv listings, breaking news, diaries, interviews and exclusive articles.

Design Intelligence
Design Intelligence is a newsletter dealing with business and strategic issues for design professionals.

Design Meeting Point
Thematic portal of architecture and design. News, calendar, magazine, fairs, institutions and schools.

Design-Build Magazine

DesignNet Journal
DesignNetJournal is a cooperative activity between the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Landscape Architecture Program in the Department of Geography, College of Social Science at Michigan State University.

This Web site presents the recent work of various architects and designers in still photographs, audio, video, animation, and VRML.

Revista alemana de arquitectura y detalles de construcción. Incluye resumen español de los textos del último número

Dimensions - University of Michigan
Dimensions is a student run publication of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

Milan, Italy based architecture magazine, founded in 1928 by Giò Ponti.

dxfout is a free-form publication dedicated to pioneering uses of computing in architecture, architectural implications of cyberspace, and advanced technology theory in architecture.

Online monthly journal of South African architecture and design.

e design Online
e design is dedicated to the promotion of best practices in energy efficiency and building performance.

Electronic Lounge
Online exhibits and articles from architecture students of the Graz University of Technology.

An online journal of architecture and design from the UK. Easy on the browser.

Entre rayas
Revista de arquitectura

El Croquis
Revista de arquitectura

Revista de arquitectura

An online 'zine from Keith Dytham, an American architect working in tokyo.

This is the online journal of - Elisabeth Mellor-Ribet & Philip Mellor-Ribet. Elisabeth Mellor-Ribet is involved in psychology, management training, and human resources development. Philip Mellor-Ribet is an architect.

Forward Magazine
An online magazine of architectural essays, articles, intervies, and dissent. Forward Magazine is devoted to the advancement of debate on matters affecting architects and designers. It also promotes reconsideration of the impact and importance of the Modern movement on design and art.

Front Porch
Comment, criticism and lectures on architecture, urban design, city planning and development issues, by Mike Greenberg, author of The Poetics of Cities.

The Frontage Road
Online journal exploring architecture, design, and spirit of place. It is not the superinformation highway, but rather a journey of exploration and discovery using the metaphor of road to interact with a diverse range of design topics.

Web site featuring the writing of architecture critic Hugh Pearman, author of 'Contemporary World Architecture.' Mostly criticism previously published in other media such as The Sunday Times (London) and various magazines, and otherwise unpublished critical material.

GreenClips Environmental Journal
GreenClips is a summary of recent articles in the media on sustainable architecture and related government and green business issues.

Habitat - Newsletter of the CTI Centre for the Built Environment
Habitat CTI is published by the CTI Centre for the Built Environment. The newsletter looks into the issues involved in the use of computers in the teaching of architecture, planning, construction and property management.

Healthcare Design Review
An on-line monthly publication of healthcare facilities, operations and planning.

IA Zona Arquitectura
Revista de arquitectura

Swedish Magazine for Modern Architecture.

Implosion is fundamentally based on the phenomenology of space of O. F. Bollnow.

Individual Homes
Self-build and renovation publication from the UK.

International Facility Management Association - Boston Chapter

International Journal of Architectural Thoery
(English, German, Russian)

Intersight - University at Buffalo
Intersight is the journal of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.

ISDesign Net
Revista de arquitectura

Japan Architecture News

Journal of Architecture
This web site is the online version of a printed journal, the Journal of Architecture, published by E & FN Spon. The journal assembles diverse views which affect the future of architecture and its reception in the world. One sample issue can be accessed free of charge.

Journal of Architecture and Town Planning
Slovak-Czech theoretical journal of architecture and urban planning. Slovak, Czech and English

loud paper
Dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse.

MacMag - Glasgow School of Art
The student publication of the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art.

Metropolis magazine is committed to the examination of contemporary life through focusing on the various design disciplines, including architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning and preservation.

Midnight Run - UCLA
The Midnight Run is an underground, student organized newspaper at the UCLA Department of Architecture.

New Architecture Project
New Architecture Project publishes current architectural projects by Canadian architects. We provide firm profiles for every firm that is published in Current Architecture.

Versteht sich als aktiver Teil des neuen Netz - Raumes und versucht, der zeitgenössischen Architektur hier ein (hauptsächlich deutschsprachiges) Forum einzurichten und auf WWW zu betreiben.

Nordisk Arkitekturforskning - Nordic Journal of Architectural Research
Nordic Journal of Architectural Research is a forum for architectural theory, architectural criticism, and debate on architecture and architectural research problems and methods in Nordic countries.

Onsite Ireland
On Site Ireland documents specific architectural projects currently being developed and built within Ireland. The site includes both real and virtual architecture: projects created for specific sites, clients and construction technologies, as well as those using alternative technologies and new media to create virtual environments. The site is intended to heighten awareness of current architectural developments within Ireland, and to foster international awareness and dialogue.

OOO Internet Services focuses on all design fields, including architecture.

Pacific Northwest Architectural Criticism
Architectural criticism in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver by Glenn Weiss and other architecture writers.

Periferia - Internet Resources for Architecture and Urban Design in the Caribbean
Periferia is published by the Architectural Resources Network, anon-profit virtual organization of architects and urban designers linked by theInternet.

Plan - MIT
Plan features MIT School of Architecture and Planning news, events and alumni notes.

PLAN Magazine and Irish Architecture Magazine
Contemporary-minded review of Irish architecture, with links to other international sites.

Portfolio - Carnegie Mellon University
Portfolio is an annual retrospective of the Carnegie Mellon Department of Architecture intended to focus on studio work and exploration in the discipline of architecture.

Postmodern Culture
Published by North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press, and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.

Precis - Columbia University

Publicación de arquitectura y diseño Argentina. Eventos, becas, concursos, licitaciones, novedades, colegios profesionales, notasde interes, catalogos de productos, legislaciòn, precio de materiales, etc.

rachitecture is Charlie Cannon's view of architecture on the Internet.

Revista Habitex. arquitectura, vivienda y ciudad
Revista de arquitectura de Extremadura, en España. Publica temas relacionados con el diseño, construcción y el urbanismo en España.

Revista Vivienda
Spanish language e-zone for architecture and construction professionals.

Roofer Magazine
Roofer Magazine is an independent national trade publication for the roofing industry. Monthly issues cover roofing materials, processes, equipment, and accessories.

Seabird's Nest
A daily journal on architecture, arts and life by a Journalism student in Hong Kong with an architectural background.

Section Web
Section Web is an online 'zine for architects and designers, containing articles about modern architecture, furniture, events and wirtual reality. (English, Polski, Nohongo, Italiano, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Deutsch)

Independent research, discussion forums, links, articles, exhibits and other resources.

SPRAwL is an electronic journal focusing on architecture, urbanism and technology in the new American city.

Monografías de arquitectura, tecnología y construcción

Totem is a magazine on architecture & design conceived exclusively for Internet distribution and fruition.

Trama Architecture of Ecuador
Ecuador architectural magazine, photos, planes, books, architects. Revista de arquitectura, fotos, planos, libros y arquitectos del Ecuador

unarch - Carnegie Mellon University
unarch is designed to be a showcase for works done by architecture students and faculty outside of the studio environment.

University of Calgary - Intervention
Intervention is published three times yearly by the Faculty of Environmental Design, and is intended to inform both the EVDS community as well as the outside community of important events and achievements within the Faculty.

ViA Arquitectura
Architectural review that sheds light on particular aspects of recent international architecture.

Vitruvius on line
Revista de arquitectura

Virtualia Review
Virtualia is a theoretical and critical review edited by a inter-disciplinary group: the Center for Architectural Studies in Bucharest, Romania.

Volume 5
Art, architecture and construction in the new millennium.

Walls and Ceilings Magazine
Walls and Ceilings magazine is a publication distributed to contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors involved in the walls and ceilings industry.

Web Architecture Magazine
Web Architecture Magazine, WAM, is a bimonthly journal of knowledge, opinion and information aimed at architects, students and documentalists. Web Architecture Magazine.
W.A.M., es un medio interactivo internacional de conocimiento, opinión e información, de periodicidad bimestral, dirigido a arquitectos, estudiantes de arquitectura y documentalistas.

ZQBGLaboratory - Syracuse University
ZQBGLaboratories is a critical hyperlinked electronic journal of architecture dedicated to the study architecture and architectural information with primary interest in the current conditions of meaning and their relationships to the different media of architecture including education, representation, history, and the built environment.







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